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I am Nationally Certified in Personal Training, Board Certified in Massage Therapy, Certified as a Neuromuscular Therapist, Certified as a Sports Massage Therapist, Certified CORE Sports Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Massage/Muscle Therapist (yes, I massages horses too), have had training in Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Thai massage and Craniosacral Therapy just to name a few. I have previous teaching experience in massage therapy for 4 years at Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy, as well as 1 year teaching at South Peidmont Community College in Monroe NC. I managed a very busy spa in Charlotte for 4 years prior to running my own spa and studio in South Charlotte for 13 years before returning to my home town of Jupiter Florida.  

$50 Introductory 1 hour massage for new clients!!!
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I am a well respected massage therapist. At the age of 16, I was tired of being overweight and out of shape and decided to take charge of my own health. I had joined a gym, lost 65 pounds, looked and felt great. I loved the new me and wanted so much to share my experience with others. By the age of 18, I was a fitness instructor and really enjoyed the one on one aspect of training and helping others pursue their quest of a lifestyle change.  By the age of 22, I was involved in a bad automobile accident. My ability to exercise had stopped and it had interfered with everyday living. Once I was released from PT and Dr.'s care, I was left with a lot of unexplained pain and dysfunction that I was told that I would have to "live with". That was not a good enough answer!! I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Neuromuscular Therapist, and that had changed my life as I knew it. I decided to help others that are at their ropes end in finding relief from pain and dysfunction. My knowledge from fitness training definitely helped me to understand how the body functions and how muscular imbalances could affect us in a negative way. For the past 18 years, I have been improving the lives of many people who have been told that they are just going to have to get used to being in pain, and find ways to "manage" it. Luckily, a lot of people can "manage" it with massage therapy and exercise just as I have.